HVAC/R Quick Reference Guide

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The HVAC/R Quick Reference Guide from TPC Trainco is full of charts and diagrams that describe HVAC systems and components. HVAC troubleshooting information is also included that is necessary to work with and repair HVAC components and equipment. This 6-page 8.5'' x 11'' laminated reference guide is well-designed and delivers essential HVAC system troubleshooting information at a glance and is ideal for technicians training to work with and troubleshoot HVAC systems.

This Reference Guide outlines:

– Evaporate Condenser Ratings
– Compressor Capacity vs. Refrigerant
– Proper System Charging
– Cooling Tower Ratings
– Horsepower Per Ton
– Common HVAC/R Terminology
– HVAC/R and Chilled Water System Diagrams
– Heat Pump System
– Component System Analytics Troubleshooting Chart


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