Boiler Operator Maintenance and Safety Quick Reference Guide

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The Boiler Operator Quick Reference Guide from TPC Trainco details common reference material needed to understand, maintain, and troubleshoot boilers and boiler systems. This 6-page 8.5'' x 11'' laminated reference guide is well-designed and delivers essential boiler component information at a glance and is ideal for technicians training to work with the most common facility boiler systems.

This Reference Guide outlines:

– Common Boiler Types
– Steam Trap Selection Guide
– Troubleshooting Steam Traps
– Thermal Properties of Water
– Properties of Saturated Steam
– Factor of Evaporation
– Boiler Size and Conversions
– Steam Loss Through an Orifice
– Standard Grades of Coal
– Natural Gas
– Fuel Oil
– Effects of Combustion Air Properties
– Ventilation – Code Requirements
– Gas Line Capacities
– Gas-Fired Equipment Code Requirements
– Oil-Fired Equipment Code Requirements
– Recommended Boiler Inspection Schedule (Steam and Hot Water)
– Adopted Codes and Inspection Requirements by State
– Boiler Operations – Emergency Procedures
– Boiler Lay - Up
– Water Treatment Guidelines


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